Evedo Live Streaming Platform is Here!

Stream your webinars on our platform for free.

Not so long ago we decided to step our game and we gave you all our functionalities for free. With that step, we dived into the vast world of webinars and online events more than ever. We started to observe your needs and slowly got to know your businesses.

We are proud to say we took it to the next level. What used to be a ticketing platform is now a full circle service. We present to you:

Our Webinar Live Stream Platform — Screencast.

We are launching Screencast for free for a month! Why just sell your tickets with us? Publish and promote your event, sell it and stream it live — all in one place. The house of Evedo.

For building our MVP we used an open source platform www.jitsi.org

Let us walk you through it step by step!

First, name your conference and hit enter to create the live stream room. Share the link with anyone you want to and start your webinar!


  1. Share your screen
  2. Raise your hand
  3. Show the chat
  4. Feedback button on the right
  5. More options (lower right corner)

Click on the three dots on the lower right of your screen and explore the settings for your live stream. You can also create a password for your webinar so no one can enter unless they have it. We made sure to give you all the essential functionalities.

We are giving you our streaming platform for free for a trial period of one month. Don’t forget this is a working alpha version and we really would appreciate your feedback. Use that pink button on the right of your screen and let us know what you think!

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