The biggest platform for minimal techno ILMTechno joins EVEDO

ILMTechno is a part of the global music industry scene, working with and representing some of the most influential names in the current music and entertaining landscape.

At Evedo, we highly value the insights, strategy and development input we receive from our advisors, partners, early adopters and people who support the very early stage of our platform development.

This is why we are incredibly happy to have the platform I Love Minimal Techno (or ILMTechno as they recently rebranded their platform and shortened their name) to join us in an advisory/early adopters role!

We first met with them in Sofia, where they are currently based. Out team is a big fan of entertainment and music industry and the way it changes and evolves with time. That’s why we in the Evedo family believe that competition is usually healthy. It is indeed a driving business force and what creates better, more sophosticated talent and growth decisions. It is vital to team up with projects and platforms similar to ours in their ideas, values and value propositions.

We are happy to announce ILMTechno as a part of our growing family and community and to share expertise and know-how, and work together to make the entertainment, booking and events management industry better.

We are also delighted to share with you a short interview with their co-founder, who happens to love music and fun as much as we do. You can read the full interview as you scroll down the article. Before that, you can get more familiar with what minimal techno music really is, where it comes from and how it has changed the music culture during the past 28 years.

More history on Minimal Techno Music

Just as electroclash transformed the way dance music thinks and looks; minimal techno completely transformed the way it sounds.

For those of you who are not that familiar with the Minimal Techno genre, we gathered some facts and history:

Minimal techno is a minimalist subgenre of techno music. It is characterized by a stripped-down aesthetics that exploits the use of repetition and understated development. Minimal techno is thought to have been originally developed in the early 1990s by Detroit-based producers Robert Hood and Daniel Bell”l. At least that is what Wikipedia says.

In fact the development of the style is often attributed to a so-called “second wave” of American music and techno producers. Most of them are associated with the Detroit techno scene in the early 90s. While the first-wave artists were enjoying their early global success, techno also inspired many up-and-coming DJs and bedroom producers in Detroit.

This younger generation included producers such as Richie Hawtin, Daniel Bell, Robert Hood, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Kenny Larkin, and Mike Banks. The work of several of these artists evolved to become focused on minimalism.

Most of the books related to the birth of minimal techno states that this genre uses two specific stylistic approaches: skeletalism and massification.

Today the influence of minimal styles of house music and techno is not only to be found in the general club music, but is becoming increasingly heard in popular music.

Here is the interview with Ivaylo Gochev:

1.Would you tell us more about your I LOVE MINIMAL TECHNO/ILMTechno platform? How did it all start?

Our platform is the biggest platform related to minimal techno music with a world-wide market audience of music in the internet — around 914K followers in Facebook and more than 31K followers on Instagram.

It was founded in 2010 in Bosnia from a guy named Cengic Ahmedin. Later the team expanded with two more people — Vladin Nikolov and myself (Ivaylo Gochev) from Bulgaira. Recently our team expanded with two more members — Bogdan Tomicic from Bosnia and Karim from FACKIT, Netherland.

Our audience is located in more than 80 different countries and people who are really into minimal techno are quite international. Our main goal really is to develop the electronic music related culture in general. We are really into investing in this genre growth as we always try to help artists, agencies, events etc.

At this time we are already working with many agencies as long-term partners. We collaborate with them as work with the artists they manage, also with huge festivals (as EXIT festival) promoting the techno music worldwide.

2. How do you see the future growth of your platform?

We are currently investing time and effort to keep our main social media channels fresh — always with nice key content.

3. Which artists do you represent or work closely with?

The names are literally hundreds. Stefano Noferini, Nicole MOUDABER, EXIIT Festival , Music On festival, HYTE, OFFSonar, Drumcode Festival, Epizode Festival, Noisily Festival, Alex Mine, Alberto Ruiz, Cosmic Boys, Pavel Petrov, Spartaque and many others.

4. How do you choose your artists?

We normally choose different artists. We make our selection in huge variety as we onboard and work with from younger artists to older, already proven and more industry famous names. It hasn’t been a day that we didn’t receive a promo recording, mix, link to a portfolio etc.

5. What do you plan to do in the next 5 years? How do you see yourself and the platform?

In the next 5 years, we are planning to work more on spreading the word for the minimal techno music. We would focus on creating new key industry contacts and further brand development.

We are happy that we joined Evedo. It’s the second largest project that we have joined recently, as we are also part of Dance Television (Dance Trippin TV). It’s always good to finds new way to spread your network!

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