Djane Lea talks about Evedo

We talk to as many people on our platform as possible about their thoughts on the event/music industry and how they feel about us. We do that because we aim to be the change and to do that we need to have all the information and knowledge first hand. We talk the talk and we walk the walk. Don’t believe us? We can prove it. Go check our B2B platform to see how we connect all people in the event industry in a one-stop-shop and then have a look at our B2C platform where you can sell the event you’ve just organized with our help. Full circle business, a full spectrum of ways to make your business easier.

(Evedo)How do you feel about the music and the event industry?

(Lea) The music industry is growing bigger every day and with that, power of a few is also growing. The problem is the monopoly of certain labels. Some contracts artists are signing are really bad for the artist. Labels don’t care way too much about your best interest as long as what you do brings them money. Sometimes they won’t let you thrive artistically if it doesn’t match their idea of the music you should be putting out under their name and contract.

(Evedo) What do you think about Evedo?

(Lea) I think Evedo is a great platform. The best thing about you guys is you bring together artists and event planners. Building a community is important and it will eventually make things easier with everything and everyone being in the same place.

(Evedo) Thank you for that. Ok, now to the hard question. You are an artist and you book gigs. We’ve been witnessing the effects of the coronavirus recently with events getting cancelled and both entertainers and event organizers being harmed. What are your thoughts on that?

(Lea) Unfortunately, we are all feeling the consequences of the coronavirus already, yes. Gigs are getting cancelled, gatherings forbidden. So no doubts it will affect us deeply. The music and fashion industry will suffer great financial losses. Although that is still nothing in comparison to people’s suffering. I hope in the near future all goes back to normal.

(Evedo) Well, as we always say — Don’t panic. The most adaptive always survive, so we’ll see you on the other side.

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