We are launching our Affiliate Partnership Program!

We are excited to announce our biggest step towards evedo’s growth yet — the evedo affiliate program.

Here at evedo, we believe in power of the community. We know that the ideas we stand for are close to the heart of many people around the world.

Therefore, it’s only logical that we are committed to incentivise people that are spreading the word about evedo, helping us grow our project and network of users. Traction is the key for the success of our platform and we aim to grow fast.

And this is why today we are happy to announce the launch of our Affiliate Partnership Program. Along with the affiliate we will be able to introduce also our Referral Program, which will allow people to win 100 EVED tokens.

Our program lets you make money by partnering with us as an affiliate and earning a whopping 50% recurring commission from the revenue that we take from the transactions acquitired by the users you add in our ecosystem. For more information, please continue reading.

Note, that the program is limited up to 1000 people worldwide.

Apply here: https://www.evedo.co/affiliate


What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who markets products (mostly on the internet) and receives a share of the revenue generated in return. In the case of our Affiliate Partnership Program, we aim to attract affiliates who will invite and introduce their personal network into our ecosystem. By doing so we will grow an international community and network of people working and growing in the coolest industry — the event industry!

How does our Affiliate Partnership program work?

We are highly motivated to find the right 1000 affiliate partners, spread internationally. We would like to grow our network of contacts and expand the portfolio of businesses registered in our B2M Marketplace.

We are looking for cool people just like us — motivated, proactive, ready to be a oart of the global events change which evedo is aiming for. They would be ready to invite and introduce their personal contacts — event organisers, rental companies, artists, performers, bookers, venues and venue owners (and any other relevant business contact).

Here is important for us to remind you that one of our key revenue models is our 2% commission from every transaction between partners in the b2b marketplace

What we offer in terms of our limited Affiliate Partnership Program is a Lifetime Revenue Share — 50% of every commission from every transaction that evedo gets from the contacts onboarded by the affiliate.

How much can you (will you) earn?


Example calculation to illustrate it:

For example, let’s say that an Affiliate brings 10 of his connections in our B2B Marketplace. After signing, they start using the platform. Evedo earns 2% commission on every each one of their business transactions executed inside our ecosystem. Half of every commission will always go back to the Affiliate, who brought those connections in.

So lets draft a quick calculation:

Let’s assume that an Affiliate brings 10 DJs and 5 clubs in evedo’s marketplace. During this month they accumulate transactions alltogether for about $20K. Evedo’s commission is 2% which equals to $400 from this amount. The Affiliate will receive 50% of those $400 — which is $200. This will be a lifetime sharing model which will continue as long as evedo’s platform is existing and working.

Is everybody eligible for our Affiliate program?

Everybody is eligible to apply to be an Affiliate Partner. It will be our team Business development team’s decision whether the application will be accepted or not. Significant part of the process will be a due diligence of the person and an evaluation of his profile.

Sign here: https://www.evedo.co/affiliate

How can I track my income and referrals?

At this stage, real time traction of the affiliate income will not be available. In the future, every affiliate will be able to sign in a specific dashboard and follow the progress of his affiliate work.

This week we launched the Alpha version of the B2B Marketplace. Which means that businesses can already start signing and using the first version of the platform. We will be adding functionalities almost every week. Stay tuned.

Check it : https://alpha.evedo.co

Let’s build the future of events together!

Interested in Evedo? Find us online:

Website: www.evedo.co

Email: info@evedo.co

Telegram: https://t.me/evedoco

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evedo.co/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/evedotoken


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