DataSciencePR Network has officially reached a strategic partnership with Evedo

Evedo partners with Data Science PR to reach out wider audience for the event organizers using the platform

The DataSciencePR Network team is excited to announce that DataSciencePR Network has officially reached a strategic partnership with Evedo, one of the leading decentralized ecosystems for event organizers.

DataSciencePR Network and Evedo will collaborate closely together and are both fully committed to helping and growing the events management space. We are pleased and honored to have the opportunity to work alongside such a great team.

On the question: “Why did we choose to work with Evedo?” the founder of Data Science PR network answers:

“Evedo describes itself as a blockchain-based platform consisting of B2B & B2C Marketplaces. It aims to unify businesses and participants involved in organizing events. Its overarching goal is to build a marketplace and an ecosystem that will help the $850+ Billion event industry grow by connecting all parties without unnecessary middlemen. Evedo has already made great progress in the space and has secured key partnerships with some of the biggest players in the industry like Tomorrowland Around The World.

Together with Evedo, we at DataScience PR Network will offer more options to event organizers to be able to reach out to a wider audience on social media, Google News, and through our dedicated network of sites.”

Clap to help us reach more people

Here are just some of the benefits which Evedo offers to event organizers at the moment:

  • In-app & Email Notifications: Get control over your notifications and be in the know if somebody wants to reach you.
  • Profile / Venue Share: Share your profile or venue/s easily in any social media.
  • In-app Messages: Keep track of all the communication regarding your events with chat functionality.
  • Personalized Tips: We’ll try to help out with tips and guidance when you’re on the Evedo’s platform.
  • Star for Later Lists: If you’ve found someone or a venue that you’d like to save for later just click the “star” icon.

If you want to become a part of the event change follow our community channels:








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