Evedo was featured in Forbes Bulgaria!

It’s a great honor for us to tell our community that we have been featured in the paper edition of Forbes Bulgaria.

It’s a great honor for us to tell our community that we have been featured in the paper edition of Forbes Bulgaria.

Forbes has always been a leading media in the world of business, innovation, and technology, and so we are thankful for the opportunity to share our story on the pages of a magazine we truly believe in.

With a flattering photo of our four founders (Stoyan Angelov, Rick Graham, George Chisuse, and Anton Aladzhov), the article about Evedo is called “Starting during a crisis”, and dives into the “ins and outs” of how our company began, and where we are at the moment.

“Right now, the big players are suffering because they have big costs. As a small company, we are trying to flip things around, and take advantage of the chaotic situation happening on a global scale — we are succeeding with an innovative concept which offers a complete solution for the event industry, and that is thanks to blockchain.”

– Stoyan Angelov, co-founder and CEO of Evedo

As we all know, most event organizers have been going digital due to the pandemic, and we worked really hard to become a part of this transformation. Rick Graham, the IT brains on our team, is the one who developed a whole new section for online events (with free registration) on the Evedo platform.

In a period of 5 months, we gained 500 event organizers, more than 500 online events, 1000 website visitors per day, and more than 10,000€ of revenue from ticket sales.

The Forbes publication continues on to share a bit about how Evedo initially started… With 10+ years of experience in the event and entertainment industry, our CEO Stoyan Angelov had already gained a lot of insight into the space.

Aware of its issues and motivated by his passion for community, nightlife, and experiences, he begins developing the concept behind Evedo. Focused at home, he starts putting down the foundations of a future blockchain-based events platform. A few days of intense creativity later, he goes on a quest to recruit the right people who can bring his vision to life… and who will ultimately co-create this vision together.

In a loud nightclub in Bulgaria’s capital (called Gramophone, where Stoyan used to be a partner), he pitches the idea to George Chisuse, our Chief Legal Officer, and immediately gets him on board. A Law graduate from King’s College London, George is an incredible expert in the IT and blockchain sector which tremendously helps things kick-off.

In the scope of 2 weeks, a dream team is formed. Stoyan recruits Elena in the role of CMO, followed by the recruitment of George (CLO), Rick (CTO), and finally, Anton (CCO).

Anton in the position of Chief Creative Officer is the next person to bring Evedo closer to reality. UI/UX designer with an impressive array of international projects, he is now developing the biggest podcast for designers in Bulgaria, The Design of Things, as a side project.

Digital nomad and former DJ, Rick Graham, arrives to Sofia just a few weeks after discussing the project with Stoyan and the rest over a video call. He falls in love with the idea instantly, saying “he’s never heard of a similar platform which unites all share-holders in the coordination of an event, simplifies the search for human resources, and performs ticket sales through the use of its own token.”

Rick and Stoyan then rent out a big apartment with the intention to use it as a home base and an office at the same time. Months of hard work, meetings, and iterations pass by when our CEO meets tech entrepreneur and cryptocurrency veteran Kyle Chasse at a conference in Belgrade, thanks to whom our team finds itself living and working on a beautiful island in southeast Thailand for 3 months.

One of the biggest achievements from that period in Koh Phangan is the launch of our own cryptocurrency — Eved. Raising $300k in May 2019, we have been growing our team and further developing our technology and product during the past year and a half. In the next couple of months, we are planning to close a new round of investments, while focusing on expanding our platform, and entering new markets.

The Forbes publication is in Bulgarian, so with this post, we wanted to provide our audience with some highlights. A big thanks to Forbes Bulgaria, and like always, to our community.

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