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Hey guys!

Milena from Evedo here and I want to speak to you directly this time.

Yes, times are getting harder specifically for the event industry. I decided I won’t keep on updating you about cancelled events and all the fun you won’t be having. Instead, our team sat down and faced reality. And the reality is not the best, we won’t lie to you and throw you a cute little story of fake optimism. However, we won’t be the harbinger of bad news either. So we won’t tell you this and we won’t tell you that, okay so how are we to communicate with you?

We took some time to think about it and what happened during this time was an eyeopener and essentially — a game-changer for our business. We started noticing something great while being stuck at home during the last two weeks — nothing ever really stopped. People moved their events online, singers started throwing gigs from their coaches in their living rooms, lecturers started streaming, motivational speakers, life coaches, fitness instructors, dancers. The world just moved online.

See, what’s great about humanity is in times of crisis we tend to come together. And we are witnessing it now more than ever. Inspiration was a natural thing to come next. And it did. And so we had our answer.

We decided to communicate with you through actions. People who have knowledge and skill to offer want to keep others moving and entertained but they can’t organize event right now. What did they do instead? Did they just give up? No, they rolled with the punches. We salute those people who are keeping their spirits up and we decided we want to help them.


Welcome to a great world of possibilities!

What’s so special about webinars besides the fact you can upgrade your knowledge while sitting comfortably in your own bed? I mean do we really need another reason to love them especially in a time, where your bedroom is basically your whole world? Not really.


As we said — we want to help you guys. We would like to use this situation as an opportunity to position our brand next to people and companies who keep it moving and to make a simple statement — if you won’t stop, we won’t stop.


We will give you more opportunities to market your online events, we will handle your ticketing and your RSVP. We will also give you insights for your audience and ways to communicate with them for free.


Yes, really. We will give you the full functionality of our platform for free if your webinar is free. And if it’s paid we’ll take a flat 5% commission. Either way — you get a lot more than just a ticketing service and all the goods are free.


As we aim to provide a full circle of services for online events we are working on our own solution for handling online events that we’ll launch soon. For now, you can use any other live streaming platform.

Want to know more? Just click HERE.

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