Announcing: evedo is launching Alpha version on the 8th of April. Subsribe to test it first!

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It has been a year of tremendous journey towards better events and event organising. We have been working hard to deliver the Alpha version of our evedo platform which includes our unique ticketing protocol. With our community and future consumers growing impatient, we are glad to announce the evedo’s Alpha release date:

The official release of the first version of our B2C platform will be published online on the 8th of April.

Before that, we want to welcome you to join our mailing list and be among the first to browse and test the functionalities of our Alpha version. We would also update you once the product is already online.

Our development team is currently running tests and making last tweaks, so that once we roll the alpha out, you can get a general idea of what the platform will look and feel like.

evedo’s Alpha

As you know, our platform is structured in two marketplaces — B2B and B2C marketplace. The B2C marketplace will tackle the issues connected with tickets sales.

Our Alpha version represents the ticketing system, where you can securely create, attend and promote an event, as well as invite attendees and try the ticket sale functionalities.

Click here to be among the first to try it and browse its functionalities:

Evedo is a one-stop shop for events organising and handling. Welcome to the event revolution.

Interested in Evedo? Events will soon be done better.

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