Evedo launches an official Ambassador program

Our goal is to gain at least 30 ambassadors worldwide, tackling all the important markets for events and event organising

We are incredibly happy to announce that we are officially launching the first round of our Ambassador program which will aim to gather under one roof 30 ambassadors worldwide. Their role will be to raise awareness for our platform and be our face in key locations throughout the globe.

Applications from both blockchain and non-blockchain people are more than welcome as long as the applicants are ready to share our values and spread the word about evedo in an according way, alligned with our core values.

Picking up the first badge of 30 people will be an interesting process. So stay tuned. We will release updates on the subject in our newsletter.

Our key Ambassadors should be based in countries of our primmer interest:

US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Israel, Russia, Greece, Thailand, Nigeria, India, Dubai etc.

Ambassador Responsibilities:

  1. Bringing brand awareness to targeted groups of potential partners, users, investors, early adopters.
  2. Promote and Share the evedo’s Mission and Core Values, accordingly in a coordinated way with the right narrative.
  3. Find Business Partners/Key Partnerships/Strategic Partnerships;
  4. Find and coordinately onboard Early Adopters and Influencers that fit our Early Adopter/Influence targeted profiles;
  5. Organise events (meetups, gatherings, private meetings and discussions) and attend ones on behalf of evedo and the core team.
  6. In the future, grow ( and be an admin) of a local social media community of evedo for a particular region on a branch-model.

Note: Ambassadors work closely and directly with the CMO (to coordinate the events, the general message and the core values) and the CEO of evedo and bring monthly (weekly) reports for their work during scheduled call.

Want to know more about the Ambassador program. Let us know at: kalpa@evedo.co and stoyan@evedo.co

Interested in evedo? Events will soon be done better.

Join us at: https://www.evedo.co

Join our Telegram community: https://t.me/evedoco

Check out our Medium blog for further news: https://medium.com/@evedo

Cool pics from our Thailand journey: https://www.instagram.com/evedo.co/

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