Roadmap 2020

We put a lot of work towards achieving our preset goals and Q1 for 2020 is almost done, we’ll let the results speak for themselves. Evedo is ever-changing, evolving, adapting and so is our roadmap for 2020, which is finally here! Have a look below

Roadmap 2020


  • Ticket sales beta launch (done, event organizers are already working with our platform)
  • Listing on 2 new exchanges (done)
  • BTC/EVED pair trading listing (done)
  • Announcing 3 global partnerships (DROOBLE, DJaneMag — done & done, one more TBA)
  • Growth and marketing (done every day)


  • B2C: Payments for tickets with major cryptocurrencies (BTC/ETH/BCH/LTC)
  • B2B: Launch of sponsors & rental companies profiles
  • Listing on 3 new exchanges
  • Growth and marketing


  • B2C: Payments for tickets with EVEDS, performing marketing, etc.
  • Announcing 2 global partnerships (Global Events and Platforms)
  • Listing on 4 new exchanges
  • Announcing 1 new global partnership
  • Migration tests to LT blockchain
  • Growth and marketing



  • Announcing yearly results for B2C and B2B
  • Listing on 3 new exchanges
  • B2C ticket sales mobile app for IOS and Android

Of course, these are just the main points and we are not to stop adding new ones and pushing forward. We will always give our very best and aim higher.

We’re beyond excited to see what comes our way. If you are too, stay tuned as this is just the beginning. Ready to disrupt the industry? We are.

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