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How the business of events actually works? And why Evedo is one of the solutions that can drive change? Bookings are much, much more complicated than they should be. And this is where Evedo comes to help.

For the experts in the industry, booking an artist has long been a complicated question. Looking at the current procedures and issues involved in booking artists today, the conclusion is somehow simple: bookings are much, much more complicated than they should be.

From the multiple channels of communication to the often unhelpful involvement of several middle-men. In fact most artists get less gigs because of the system in place, while promoters often miss out on booking the acts that they most love.

Today we ask the same question that we asked ourselves almost 2 years ago. Does everything related to artist booking really need to be that complicated?

Surely, there are several simple things we could do to make the industry easier, generating faster work and more income for everyone involved. One of the solutions is indeed, the product that we are currently building. The one that we believe will change the event industry for good.

Standard procedures? What are they?

One of the key problems within bookings and the booking management side of the industry today is the complete lack of standardized practices. Here is an example: every artist, every agent, and every promoter do things slightly differently — while these differences may seem insignificant and small on the surface, they can actually end up in incredible inefficieny, time-consumption or even fraud.

As mentioned before various people, event organisers and promoters do often also prefer different methods of communication. Many like to communicate in a proven, official manner by email, as they can refer to old threads. The artist may prefer to use Facebook messenger (or even instagram more and more often), and the agent only speaks over the phone (most likely). Most of the deals are also done over chat platforms like WeChat, Whatsapp, Line, Telegram and many others.

Some casual agreements are made by one party on a certain channel of communication that the other party later forgot about. Therefore, it is vital that different parties have an agreed-upon, standardized platform to consistently communicate bookings and calendars on.

This is where Evedo absolutely comes in hand! Our product gives a solution for all of the participants in the ecosystem. They can find a way to deal with the communications seamlessly in a standardized way.

Contracts or Smart Contracts?

In a similar, quite complicated manner, contracts between parties require a much higher degree of standardization. Every agent or artist currently provides the promoter with a different contract to sign. they can often span over 20 pages of impossible-to-understand legal jargon. Contracts are a necessity in the case of cancellation or unfulfilled rider requirements, and a standard contract format would make it easier for everyone to fulfill their side of an agreement. Simply because everyone fully understands what they agreed to in the first place.

A platform that provides the participants with a contract template and stores all signed agreements can only be a good thing for everyone involved.

And this is again the place, where Evedo as a service and a blockchain solution comes directly and fits the market gap.

Are you intersted in the events change? Join us at www.eveco.co !

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