Introducing Evedo Roadmap 2022

Our team is pleased to announce Evedo’s 2022 Roadmap! 

Product development has been keeping our team busy lately, so it’s time to give our community an update on what we were working on and what our ambitious plans for the future are. 

Before we plug into what we’ve been cooking behind the scenes, let’s count our accomplishments from the past year.

Accomplishments in 2021

  • Throughout 2021 we were been steadily growing. Our international team increased by 10 people (25% more determination and horsepower).
  • Our volume surpassed €150,000 from more than 13 000 Tickets sold.
  • Our revenue increased by 65%.
  • We prioritized onboarding new clients, events, and all organizations that can play a role in our growing ecosystem. We formed 50+ new strategic partnerships in 20+ different countries. 
  • Yet the biggest achievement for 2021 was the launch of Plentix, the official brand of our ticketing platform and the forerunner of Evedo’s ecosystem of event tools and solutions. We now have more than 15,000 signups on Plentix since its start on 23rd August. 
Evedo’s ecosystem of tools and solutions for the Event & Entertainment Industry

Innovations and advancements never stop, even during the holidays. This is what happened in Evedo right before the end of 2021: 

  • In November, a dedicated landing page that explains the step-by-step plan for the implementation and adoption of NFT tickets went live.
  • In December, we kickstarted another blockchain product from the Evedo family. Fragmint is a groundbreaking NFT marketplace that empowers decentralized communities through the use of art and innovative technology.
  • This last quarter of 2021 was also the beginning of the first Hydra migration tests. 

All-in-all, in 2021 we aimed at developing our ecosystem of B2C/B2B marketplaces and bringing value to it, while 2022 will be the year of blockchain implementation within our products. 

NFT tickets soon on Plentix

Briefly, here’s what we will focus on during the next few quarters:

  • Onboard 100+ new event organizers and significantly grow our community.
  • Run global marketing campaigns for the whole bundle of Evedo products.
  • Utilize the $EVED and $FRAG tokens.
  • Progress with Hydra migration.
  • Collaborate with key partners including a tier A exchange.
  • Integrate crypto payments.
Introducing Fragmint – the most creative piece of our entire #Evedo puzzle!

Full Roadmap for 2022

After reading of our accomplishments last year please take a look at what we have in store for 2022.

One thing is certain –  with blockchain, don’t expect less than rapid breakthroughs and full disruption of the industries. It’s electrifying!

Finally, follow all our channels for more updates and, especially, for exclusive info on Evedo’s appearance in Dubai in February! The future begins now!

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