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Digital Week Online is an entire week of events led by 48 hours of non-stop online conferences. That means awesome networking, high-quality content, the hottest current topics, and more business opportunities than ever before.

Digital Week Online is an entire week of events led by 48 hours of non-stop online conferences. That means awesome networking, high-quality content, the hottest current topics, and more business opportunities than ever before. Dates are May 25–31, 2020 and you can find more information here.

Today Juliet Su, co-founder of Digital Week Online, is sharing with us about her upcoming event, the concept around the huge online conference, and some thoughts on the current and future state of the event industry.

Juliet Su from Digital Week Online

1. What is the main purpose of the event?

I believe that we are all connected, especially during these difficult times. If we stay together, we can exchange knowledge and resources. This way we can help others overcome their current hardships.

We found a silver lining during this lockdown — we managed to invite some of the most interesting people from the industry, people who otherwise do not often attend offline conferences because they are very busy. Online is a great opportunity to unite people from all over the world in the same place.

2. What is your personal motivation to create one of the biggest events online?

Initially, we weren’t planning to create one of the biggest events online. But when we started taking speakers on board, we realized that there are so many topics that aren’t usually covered at conferences. Topics like impact investment and climate change, among many others.

Innovation or blockchain are not the only topics we should be discussing, so we introduced 30 new sections together with 30 new topics. More and more people were joining during this process, and it organically became something very big, which we didn’t anticipate in the beginning.

3. We saw that you have a big community of partners — do you think that collaboration is the future of doing business?

We have lots of community partners, yes, but most of them are our good friends and people who we were already collaborating with, even before this event. So naturally, we shared with them our vision with organizing this Digital Week Online, and, of course, they were happy to support us and join as community partners.

4. Which video platform are you going to use for the event?

When we decided to go online, I personally analyzed lots of platforms that are available on the market at the moment, but some of them didn’t meet my requirements. Some of them seemed a little bit too complicated, because they were targeted more at young tech people, and we have people who are more traditional and would prefer to use a simpler option which doesn’t demand long installations or special technical knowledge. This is why we were looking for an easy and simple solution for our online event. Finally, we decided to collaborate with some developers whom we know and to use our own platform which will be launched next week.

We added some necessary features, like the option to contact all the speakers, the VIP participants, and the media. Another exciting feature we built was an “e-booth” through which people can showcase their company and accumulate an audience, and then also be able to interact with that audience.

5. Why did you choose Evedo as a partner?

We chose Evedo as a partner, because Evedo is providing us with a full service, and that is very important and convenient for us. One of the key things here is the fact that you are also helping us with the promotion of our event to a relevant audience.

Moreover, you already have great experience with organizing offline events, and to us, that means that we can trust you with successfully switching to online events, and doing an excellent job with that switch.

6. What are your thoughts regarding the event industry and the COVID-19 crisis? How do you imagine the future of the event industry?

During COVID-19 people realized that we are more connected than ever before. It can be so easy to reach anyone from different parts of the globe, and we all face the same problems. We are all in the same situation, so now we can all understand each other better.

As for the event industry during the current global crisis, of course, now we are unable to do offline events, so everybody is moving online. But this has its advantages — networking and communication are becoming easier because instead of being in a crowded place with dozens of people, we now have the opportunity to arrange meetings according to our schedules and preferences. I feel like people are more willing to listen, and it’s easier to learn about what people do. You can simply go through their profile and get an idea of how you could possibly cooperate.

And regarding my thoughts on the future of the event industry, I think that probably only some more boutique conferences will remain popular. One example is Davos, the annual four-day conference held by The World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland.

If you would like to join a conference, for example, and to listen to the talks at an event like that, then that will continue to be happening online, in my opinion. And I predict that even after COVID-19, all these online conferences and events will still be popular and in demand.

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