Industry Talks: Funkster on having fun behind the decks, seeing your career as a gift, and aiming…

A business developer by day and DJ by night, here’s the story of Dimitar Dimitrov.

When I ask Funkster about his career as a DJ and we start talking music, he keeps mentioning the idea of energy. Playing music is a big source of energy and fulfillment for him, and so is interacting with the crowd or working on events from the festival industry.

This is why Dimitar joined our growing international team more than 6 months ago! Since 2006, he has performed at most of the biggest nightclubs in Bulgaria and is currently a resident at Bedroom Club Sofia. These days he spends his time scoping out potential customers and building long-lasting business relationships, while also throwing explosive parties and dancing with hundreds of strangers!

A business developer by day and DJ by night, here’s the story of Dimitar Dimitrov.

1. What’s your absolute favorite music to play?

My favorite styles to play are House, Tech House, Afro house, but also Hip-Hop and Trap. They are very different — the vibe, the people, the music… But both styles are close to my heart and I love playing them. They bring me amazing energy.

2. What’s a dream of yours in terms of your DJ-ing career?

My dream is to travel around the world and visit beautiful locations while expressing myself and bringing this wonderful emotion to people. I’d like to see everybody having fun without being distracted by their phones and social media. Moreover, some big names with whom I dream of playing alongside are Black Coffee, Solomun, and Carl Cox.

photo by Radoslav Deliychev

3. How has your pandemic experience been as a DJ based in Bulgaria?

It was very difficult and emotional. Over a day I lost my job… Literally. I had to stay home without any clarity until when, like everyone else. I’m very social and I love communicating with people. I’m someone who’s used to being constantly surrounded by people and all of a sudden we could only communicate through Facetime.

I was missing DJ-ing a lot. Sharing the emotion with the audience in front of me, exchanging energy through the music and the dancing… I also was missing being able to go training in the gym or walking in the mountains. Everything was forbidden to us. We had to protect our loved ones.

4. How did you join Evedo and what is your experience as our Head of Biz Dev?

It actually kind of started as a joke. Stoyan (our CEO) and I spoke on the phone and literally 2 minutes later we agreed to start working together. The arrangement at first was onboarding me to work part-time for a trial period.
During my first 10 days at the company, I felt that what we were doing and building is exactly what I want to be doing professionally. Meeting people, looking for contacts, starting conversations. In a way, the work is quite close to my work as a DJ.

I was observing how all my energy and time was organically going to Evedo. I just love what we do. I’ve been on the team for half a year now, and in such a short time we have achieved a lot. We have grown and we never stop learning and pushing to achieve our goals.

In our daily work, we talk to dozens of event organizers around the world. We’re always looking for different ways in which we can be useful for them, especially in these difficult times. Many have trusted us and we are already working together or making plans on how to collaborate on their next events. I believe that soon everything will be better and we will return to normal. The new normal.

photo by Radoslav Deliychev

5. What events do you want to see more of on our platform?

I want our platform to be useful for any event, no matter its scale. My goal is to reach as many people as possible and tell them what we do. I want us to work with names like Coachella, Sonar, Ultra, and many more great events from around the world.

6. What’s a moment behind the decks which has turned into a favorite memory of yours?

Wow, I can’t name just one. I have so many favorite memories. Each party is unique and delivers a new favorite memory. I will never forget the moments when my set would end, the music would stop, and people would applaud happily because the evening was awesome and I had done a good job.

7. What do you want your audience to experience or feel when they’re listening to you play?

What I strive for every single time I’m behind the decks is to see the joy and pleasure in the eyes of the people in front of me. There is no greater gift than someone coming to me and saying, “Thank you, the party is great”. I want people to have fun from the heart and soul.

8. Describe a bomb night in 3 songs.

Describing it in 3 tunes is definitely a challenge! But if I need to express myself right now at this point they would be:

Shouse — Love Tonight (Vintage Culture & Kiko Franco Remix)

Jay Sean — With You ft. Gucci Mane, Asian Doll

Tinie Tempah, Torren Foot, L Devine — More Life (feat. Tinie Tempah & L Devine) (John Summit Extended Remix)

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