Industry Talks: Lycho from SkandaU

On discovering rap and his dream for the future of Bulgarian music.

Lachezar Evtimov, better known as Lycho from SkandaU, was born 28 years ago in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, and is now a performer loved by thousands of people in the country.

At this year’s edition of The Bulgarian Radio Awards, SkandaU, the music duo he’s in, won the award for group of the year. 

He moreover writes lyrics and creates Youtube content. He’s also the host of Urban Studio – the awesome spot where our founders at Evedo get together once a month to live stream Evedo Talks. It’s a series of ongoing community chats where we update our audience with the ins and outs of our business and progress.

What kickstarted his career in music, why he created Urban Studio, and how he balances everything in his life, are some of the things we’re going to be discussing, so read ahead!

1. How did you first start making music?

I feel like I never actually started making music and wouldn’t call myself a “musician” even now. 

I started writing verses as I was sort of inspired by a crappy relationship I was in at the time. I read them to one of my flatmates and he said I should try becoming a rapper. I began looking at a bunch of online forums and found a guy, under the name of Expres, who showed me how to record. Discovering different instrumentals on the Internet, I started combining them with my verses. Then I learned that it would make more sense if my lyrics were coordinated with the beats as the beat has its own tempo and the flow needs to be in sync with it. 

That’s how it all started basically!

A girlfriend to screw you over, a flatmate to believe in you, and a cool guy to help you out is all you need to start! And then for what followed and is still going on, I blame Toto H and Bate Pesho.

2. How do you balance everything in your life? (making music, YouTube, having a family, touring around the country, etc)

As romantic as it may sound – all these things are balancing me. It’s not me balancing these things.

source: YouTube

3. What was the turning point for your career?

We (SkandaU) had a few hits before we understood how to keep the interest of the people and the momentum going. 

Our first hit was “Хляб и Сол” (it means “Bread and Salt”) almost 7 years ago, but after releasing it we didn’t really do anything big, and the audience kind of forgot about us before even properly getting to know us. 

After that, we participated in “Bulgaria’s Got Talent” and the same thing happened. We also released “От Юни До Август” (it means “From June Till August”) with Deo

Our song “Replay” is what changed everything for us 4 years ago. That’s when we really got a hold of things!

4. What is a big dream you have as a musician?

My dream is for Bulgarian music to stop being just “Bulgarian music”. I dream of our music scene reaching a Balkan, European, and even global level. 

That’s a long and painful topic. 

5. What are some of your music inspirations? Or people you’d love to collaborate with?

I wish I knew what inspired me, so I could return to it more often. It’s different every time. 

I most enjoy collaborating with the people I’ve been working with for many years now. We’ve built similar criteria, we understand each other really well, and we almost never disagree. 

6. What music do you listen to when you’re at home? 

I had a very long period when I didn’t feel like listening to anything. I wasn’t listening to music at home or in the car. Otherwise, I have different phases, but I listen to everything!

7. You’re the host of Urban Studio where we do our monthly Evedo Talks. How did that come about?  

A bit after we started the series “Don’t Ask Google, Ask SkandaU”, the dream to have my own studio for creating Youtube content appeared. At the time, all these Bulgarian Youtubers, including me, were filming from their childhood bedrooms and living rooms, but those spaces weren’t tailored for that. 

I wanted to have a proper place with a few different decors, all the necessary tech, and everything looking much more professional. Urban Studio made this dream come true! 

8. Why join Evedo?

I’ve been close to the team behind the project and I trust them wholeheartedly! The founders are a very transparent and forward-thinking bunch, for everyone unfamiliar I would strongly suggest that they follow their monthly webcast and join their Telegram community. I believe there are great things ahead for Evedo and I’m glad to be along for the ride!

You can find Lycho here: Instagram & Facebook.

Follow our brand new platform Plentix for future SkandaU concerts!






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