The most common issues in organizing an event and how EVEDO solves them

Organizing an event is complex, involving a lot of human resources, time, and money. Entire companies exist to manage organizing all these partners and driving the event. Imagine if you could put it all together within just a few clicks. Select a date, a location, schedule your entertainers, staff and equipment, and manage all the communications in one place. Then sell your tickets and manage your revenue with full transparency and trust with your partners and consumers. The blockchain is the backbone that allows us to conceive of such a solution, and thus is born.

Imagine if you could just put everything at one place just like how you do it at home, a piece of cake. Now, you could figure out everything event-related with just few clicks sitting at your place using our product. It’s great, isn’t it? Not to mention that you could rely on full transparency, trust and solid backbone of the blockchain infrastructure! is the one and only blockchain-based platform that unifies all businesses and participants involved in the wide area of organizing events! Of course, there are some competitors in the field but they are focused on the ticketing primarily. Our main goal is to build a marketplace and a comprehensive ecosystem that will help the $850+ billion event industry grow by connecting all parties in it without the annoying and greedy middlemen!

We believe that the whole event business ecosystem and all the related parties are ready to innovate and brings the state-of-the-art technologies directly to everyone’s hands. Using the blockchain technology give us the power of opportunity to fulfill our main aim — to cut the middlemen and to present to you cutting edge easy-to-use all-in-one event management solution!

Unsure what the blockchain is?

According to Don & Alex Tapscott, authors of Blockchain Revolution (2016) –

“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.”

That’s the reason we picked that unique solution for our platform. It is the fundamental technology underlying and our robust business model. It eliminates the middleman and the need for trust between parties that organize or take part in all sorts of events. That’s because it makes the entire process transparent, decentralized and secure. As you may know blockchain has already revolutionized a ton of different areas worldwide. Now it’s time for us to give the entertainment industry the innovative tools they need and change the event landscape for good.

The Evedo platform is imagined to consolidate the agreements and understandings between event space owners, event workers, and event goers under a single smart contract that defines an event. All partners have a profile describing their rates for their services and events use the crowdfunding features of smart contracts to lock in the partners rates to the agreement. To set a price for the tickets, to set a minimum number of tickets sold; and to distribute the funds of the event to the individuals in the contract.

We could say that generally our mission is to synergize all participants in organizing and conducting events of all kinds, allowing them to improve their work, have the highest level of security and eliminate any middlemen along the chain.

And now, let’s talk about the problems related to the event management industry worldwide and how is solving them:

  • First of them and also very important one is the ticketing fraud

According to Marc Mazzariol, Vice-President of product development at ticketing solutions provider SecuTix:

“Ticketing fraud has long plagued the industry, forcing true fans to pay extortionate prices, while posing security threats for event organizers.

With the rapid development of technology in the last decade, ticketing ‘bots’ have caused chaos, enabling online touts to buy tickets to the masses and sell them on secondary markets at a high profit margin.

Marc Mazzariol, Vice-President of product development at ticketing solutions provider SecuTix, emphasises that the ticketing industry as an all-encompassing entity needs a complete overhaul to try to prevent such fraud.

Unless action is taken, he claims, people will ultimately lose trust in the industry.

There are signs that the authorities are beginning to listen to the concerns of spectators, performers and event organizers”.

Unfortunately we think that he is completely right about the things he said and we want to eradicate all of it from the ecosystem by building, if not perfect — a better one!

That’s the reason we present to everyone an easier way to find new upcoming artists and talents. Easier way to book a venue straight away. Less stress when dealing with rentals and rental companies. And tons of other useful features that you are about to discover at one place —!

Our blockchain solution is solid and undeniable. Once all parties agree to the conditions of the event, a smart contract is signed and ticket sales could begin in the form of crowdfunding. The minimum offering is enough ticket sales to cover the costs of the venue, entertainers, providers, referrers and company rates. The events successful offering must be completed within a predefined date, can be within 24h to one week before the date of the event. This date must be decided and agreed upon by all partners in pre-proposal.

The profit window grows as more tickets are sold to fill out the window. The divide in the profit window can be predefined by the partners while the event is still in pre-proposal. Traditionally the promoters and organizers would divide these revenues. However, the other partners could find themselves earning from this pool if their have no hard cap defined in their portion of the agreement.

The company portion (2%) of the entire pool of revenue including ticket sales and sponsors, before any other portion is divided. Then the requirements of the venues, entertainers, and providers are fulfilled, then the base referral bonuses. From what is left, based on the agreement defined in the proposal, the promoters and organizers are paid out from what remains. And if the venue, entertainers and providers have a stake in this portion they are paid out accordingly. If there are any disputes then payments could be held until there is either consensus between all the partners. Or even longer, if no consensus can be reached between all partners a formal investigation needs to be held by the company.

The smart contracts are the future! No more confusion and full transparency!

Just pure event organizing and execution powered by smart contracts. After events passes the proposal stage and all the players are in agreement on the “contract” a smart contract is deployed onto the blockchain for that event, wherein all the players’ accounts are added to a contract, the dates and times in the contract are specified as milestones, and “crowd funding” for the event can start in the form of ticket sales.

The main players and their problems, no more artist management related problems

Our unique B2B Marketplacel includes event organizers, sponsors, entertainers, venues and many many more. Our B2C market will also give the ability for purchasing tickets for anything, anywhere and by anyone safe and secure, eradicating fraudsters. includes both B2B and B2C marketplaces and gives you a better way to grow your connections, find new businesses, build trust and save time when organizing an event. And there is more — you also could get and analize more general and profound knowledge for your consumer.

The EVD Token is one of a kind, created by our team of professionals. It is utility token that would create EVEDs in a secure and safe smart contract infrastructure.

Individual resources from throughout the industry must have a profile setup on the platform. All partners must be KYC compliant and provide proof that they are indeed who they claim to be, two factor authentication must occur from a registered domain or email address representing their personal brand or the brand of an associated agency.

We solve problems to all related parties:

  • Space owners

Bars, clubs, amphitheaters, theaters, cafes, halls, parks, conference/exhibition centers, co-working spaces, festivals, cruises/boat trips. All these partners/customers can create a profile of their space, listing the features of the space, the capacity, a base price or minimum price based on per person attendance.

  • Managers

These partners are able to manage a set of entertainers with whom they have an agreement. The manager and entertainer should have an agreement upon the percentage, soft/hard cap for the events that they become locked into an event — Smart Contract Event.

  • Entertainers – DJs, dancers, artists, singers, bands, groups, performers, actors, influencers, speakers. All these partners can create a profile listing their services, attach links to their works and social media. They could announce an hourly rate, flat rate, or a percentage with a soft cap and optionally a hard cap.

No more lack of funding for future events


These partners can look for events and offer additional sponsorships for advertising spots or affiliate marketing. Value can be delivered by means of goods or services.

  • Providers (Equipment/Staff)

These partners provide an arsenal of equipment that they could supply to events in need. They could manage the scheduling of their equipment and roadies to move and setup hardware around the events themselves.

  • Organizers/Promoters

These partners have a special role in the system! All partners can play this role as they assemble their dream/upcoming event.

  • No more management software issues and crowdfunding

Our platform has been set the way that after some event pass the proposal stage and all the partners are in agreement on the “contract” a smart contract is deployed onto the blockchain for the respective event, wherein all the partners’ accounts are added to a contract. The dates and times in the contract are specified as milestones, and “crowdfunding” for the event could start in the form of ticket sales.

So guys, to sum up everything written till now — our mission is to synergize all participants in organizing and conducting events of all kinds. Allowing them to improve their work, have the highest level of security and eliminate any middlemen along the way!

This is how we do it 😉

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