Rock Shreller talk about their new album, the industry, and Evedo

“It would be nice to have a better platform that is more tailored to exactly what the music fans want and the artists have to offer.”

This week we spoke to Rock Shreller, unfortunately, we couldn’t meet face to face this time as they are in Thailand but we had a great chat about their new album which is out today! We talked about the process of creating an album, promoting it, some of the industry’s issues and of course — Evedo. Here’s what they said:

Q: Tell us more about the creative process of making an album?

A: When it comes to the birth of any new song idea, all three of us have had a passion to make music for quite some time now. There is always an active pipeline of new tunes that is flowing and whenever the inspiration strikes, there will be something to listen to. Sometimes it will be on a more personal level that we just enjoy sharing with each other and other times we just know it has the potential to be a Rock Shreller classic! This sort of process goes on as we begin to select and work on certain pieces that are worthy of an album, in our eyes. There’s a lot of factors that decide what an album’s theme/vibe/soul is about and it seems to come organically with us. It’s chronological in a way, also. As time goes by, an album seems to begin to make itself. Our latest album, for instance, clearly began to manifest in a more uplifting and positive light than some of our past work. That seemed to be both a conscious and an unconscious decision by the group. After days, weeks and months of recording have been logged, and we begin to have the right amount of songs that match the desired feel of the album, we spend a lot of time refining every aspect of each song. A fine-tooth comb is brought out and we get a lot more technical. A lot of time is spent in the studio through the whole process of making an album, and we love it.

Q: What would you say is the hardest part?

A: The hardest part for us is removing ourselves from the equation and putting ourselves in the listeners’ shoes. We think of it as telling someone a story about something that happened to one of us. If we were there when it happened, and it happened to us, we would know everything about the story. But if we tell someone else the story, we have to make sure not to leave anything out, because they need the full story. Similarly, with music, we need to give them the full story.

Q: How about promoting an album?

A: Promotion is not our strongest suit. We do our best, and some of us are better at it than others. This latest album “The Open Seas” is a testament to how much we’ve improved in our promotion game, but there’s a lot to be done still and we can use all the help we can get.

Q: What are the issues you face when promoting an album?

A: Getting the content into the right media streams for it to be shared with the world effectively. Facebook and other social media sites, such as Instagram, are usually overflowing with events and sometimes a really good thing can get lost or overlooked. There are Facebook groups that artists can post events and tour dates on, but even those seem to be getting spammed to the point that artists lose a bit of credibility. Even the local weekly prints we have here in Bangkok are just loaded with articles on what pizzeria has the best crust and dates for Santana’s Asia tour. It would be nice to have a better platform that is more tailored to exactly what the music fans want and the artists have to offer.

Q: Do you think Evedo can help make this easier?

A: One of my favorite aspects of Evedo is how it gives you the ability to bypass a lot of unnecessary hoops that would otherwise need to be jumped through. The pure convenience of it is extraordinary and I know that as it continues to grow, middlemen will essentially be a thing of the past and time/money will be wasted much less while productivity and success will skyrocket. I’ve been to an event that was organized completely through the Evedo Alpha platform and it was a great success.

I also know that blockchain is the biggest thing to happen to this planet in a long time, I know it’s here to stay, and I know that is a good thing. There’s so much to benefit from blockchain-based platforms like this, and I know that Evedo will make event organizing so much easier.

Did we mention their new album is out TODAY? Have a listen if you haven’t already! And for those of you who are currently in Bangkok — the promo gig is in a few hours, go see them live!

For those of us, who aren’t in Thailand — we leave you with Spotify and their official Facebook page where you can follow them, maybe they’ll play in your city soon. We, at Evedo, have a feeling this band is yet to take over the world. Thank you for your time and your amazing energy, Rock Shreller! See you soon!

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