Four reasons to celebrate women in blockchain

The benefits of blockchain are for all. Building a blockchain business is a venture that might seem a bit risky at first but this can’t be further from the truth. No other technology offers a matching level of security, transparency, and decentralization. No wonder then, everyone aspires to such a magic democratic and progressive solution.

Even so, following Women’s International Day, we’d like to honor women in particular, as well as emphasize how blockchain empowers them. Do we need more women empowerment? Worldwide speaking, definitely yes, exactly as we need blockchain models to elevate more and more industries in the future.

We found examples of successful women in blockchain that won our admirations and yet, what’s more significant, we discovered the larger meaning hidden behind their work. Here are four noteworthy reasons why women revolutionize their environments.

1. Better diversity

Being an open-source technological framework, blockchain is inclusive in its nature. However, it’s not a secret that just as in any other tech field, the majority of professionals, especially in managing positions, are men. A discussion about women being an underrepresented group in the community is already happening.

In 2019 Diversity in Blockchain, a non-profit organization published a report about women’s participation in the blockchain sector. The results went viral — it turned out that only one company out of 378 crypto and blockchain firms founded between 2012 and 2018 had an all-female founding team, while only 31 (8.2%) of firms had a combination of male and female founders. In addition, women speakers at crypto conferences were 5 times less than men.

Bridging the gap between genders and giving both sexes equal access to resources and opportunities is important and in blockchain nothing is reserved or limited only for men or for women.

Today, backed by various educational initiatives and incentives, the percentage of women in blockchain startups has improved dramatically. Apparently, within a year, the number of women crypto investors in India jumped 1,400% higher. Women blockchain experts also have become more visible thanks to networks like Token Woman, a platform where women speakers from different countries can create profiles and get industry gigs.

Etoro inclusion campaign, Photo credit:

In the meantime, while the number of trading women is increasing at a pretty slow pace, those who are planning to start trading have tripled. At the end of 2020, the leading trading platform Etoro announced a 366% growth of women signups. Other popular investment websites reported similar statistics.

Women are catching up!

3. Heightening women’s economic opportunities

In an age when we’re all digitally connected, it’s getting harder to remain blind to the possibilities around us. Surveys show that women are generally less keen to take risks. Hence, cultivating curiosity and a desire to become more technologically advanced holds a great promise for improving their quality of life.

There are plenty of female startup founders and role models to look up to. One of them, Arianna Simpson, who became interested in crypto in 2013, is now continuing her journey as a partner at a16zfounder of Autonomous Partners, an investor, and a public speaker. In her spare time, she’s hosting a podcast and writing for Coindesk. Here are some of her observations:

“I would encourage women to get started before they feel ready. A big part of the process is learning as you go, and getting involved as soon as possible is the best way to go about it.”

Arianna Simpson, Photo credit:

Tiffany Madison is another remarkable self-made entrepreneur and mentor who encourages women to master their reality. Apart from being a coach, activist, and communicator, she’s a co-founder of the blockchain hub DecentraNet.

4. Uniting women

Globalization and the opening of international financial corridors enable less developed countries to enter limitless markets. For example, India, Latin America, South Asia, and Africa are regions where blockchain is flourishing because people are willing to adapt to more efficient infrastructure and financial systems.

Having free and easy access to channels for connecting with each other like social media is an added value. Women know how to grow and nurture communities. They’re indeed spectacular at it. Organizations like Global Women in BlockchainLean inand even UN Women are open to women from every corner of the world. Their platforms are excellent places for networking, learning, and helping each other.

On top of that, there are various blockchain funding, incubator, and accelerator programs designed specifically for women that can be joined even remotely.

Our friend Steffy Stojanow who is the CMO of AE Venturesa company focused on supporting blockchain projects, puts it like this:

“What a great time to be a woman. So many exciting technologies and solutions are being developed today. This includes Blockchain technologies. Decisions are being made about our everyday life and if we as women do not actively participate in these processes, half of the world’s population will not be taken into consideration! So ladies, roll up your sleeves and let’s get to work!”

5. Sustainable development

Many women are already active ambassadors for sustainability. They recognize the enormous advantages blockchain technologies can bring to healthcare, transportation, banking, education, and basically all areas of their everyday life, in terms of sustainable development.

Overall, people tend to be mindful of their responsibility as consumers nowadays and prefer to make eco-friendly choices. Provenance, a blockchain company led by a woman, developed an entirely transparent supply chain tool that allows both businesses and shoppers to control sourcing and build sustainability strategies.

Another domain where eco-awareness matters is the energy sector. In 2017 Talia Kohen, founder of FemTech — a company for technologies used in women’s healthcare — introduced an interesting project for clean energy cryptocurrency.

UN Sustainable Development Goals, Photo credit:

NGOs and environmentally-conscious organizations are squaring the regenerating power of women with the transforming abilities of blockchain. Therefore, blockchain and digital currencies have become part of United Nations and UNICEF’s sustainable development goals, and women are called out to engage.

At Evedo we’re thrilled to watch the positive changes in women’s status and in blockchain arriving together, hand in hand. To tell the truth, we’re not only watching, but we’re also involved and saluting them.

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