Evedo will be listed on P2PB2b and BitForex exchanges on 7th of May

We are launching an exclusive second round of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on P2PB2B on the 5th of May

Dear community,

We are pleased to officially announce that EVED token will be listed on two exchnages on the 7th of May! Our token will be officially listed on BitForex and P2PB2b exchanges. The team is currently in negotiation process with a couple of other exchanges and more updates on listing will be available soon.

We also want to share additional news with you. We are launching a second round of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The token sale will be conducted on the P2PB2B exchange, starting on the 5th of May, 12pm Sofia Time.

Our decision to execute another token sale is connected with our long-term vision to make our token tradable in multiple exchanges with big volume. We believe that reaching out to as many traders as possible, expanding our presence in the trading community is truly valuable for the health of our token, as well as the future of our project.

Introducing our EVED token and listing in different exchanges with proven volume and credibility is essential. These steps are also aligned and a part of our Marketing strategy, that will focus on further adoption of our platform, tackling and entering different markets.

With BitForex exchange we tackled the Asian market, reaching out to traders and future consumers from China, Russia, Korea and Japan. Our second round of Initial Exchange Offering will enable us to introduce our platform and what we have been building to the European audience, as P2PB2B have a great deal exposure in Europe as well.

What do you need to know about Evedo’s IEO on P2PB2b2?

— There is a total supply of 160 000 000 EVED tokens.

— 2 200 000 EVED tokens will be offered in the IEO on P2PB2B. This is 1.375% of our total token supply.

— The price at the event: 2000 EVED = 1 ETH at 0.0005 (0.000015BTC) each through the P2PB2B platform. Users will buy directly from P2PB2B launchpad in this case.

— This comes to approximately 185K USD sold.

— The sale will be conducted in ETH, BTC and USDT.

— The token will be published for trading in the P2PB2B exchange on the 7th of May.

Check more details here: https://p2pb2b.io/token-sale/EVED

More about P2PB2B

P2PB2B is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange located in Estonia. The exchange was established in 2014 with headquarters in Switzerland. A P2PB2B exchange review reveals that this trading platform can support up to 10,000 trades per second and one million Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections. They provide 24/7 customer support in various languages, including English. It has managed to attract a worldwide audience and reach an enormous daily turnover.

Its main currencies are BTC, ETH, and USD. What makes it appealing is the absence of trading fees and the fact that it has got a free listing of any business application’s API. Today, P2PB2B supports 42 trading pairs with the following most popular combinations: BTC/USD, BCH/ETH, BCH/USD, DASH/BTC, BCH/BTC, LTC/BTC, DASH/USD, ETC/BTC, DASH/ETH, LTC/USD.

P2PB2B is an EU licensed exchange, listed in the top 20 on CoinMarketCap , has a daily trading volume of over 400 million USD, with more than 150,000 active traders. P2PB2B is a market leader in security and customer satisfaction and has been in the market since 2014.

We are launching a second round of Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). The token sale will be conducted on the P2PB2B exchange, starting on the 5th of May.

Our token sale on BitForex continues

Our token sale on BitForex continues with its ongoing bonus scheme. We are happy to mention that we already reached the soft cap of our IEO on BitForex (you can read more here).

The bonus scheme that you can still benefit from is structured that way:

Bonus structure:

  • First 100 people who participate take a 20 % bonus.
  • Next 200 people who participate take a 15 % bonus.
  • Next 200 people who participate take a 10 % bonus.
  • Next 500 people who participate take a 5 % bonus.

You can still participate in the process here:



Evedo online:

Website: www.evedo.co
Email: info@evedo.co
Telegram: https://t.me/evedoco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evedo.co/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/evedotoken

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