Evedo Joins Forces with Ispolink: The Go-To Platform for Web3, Blockchain, and Crypto Talents

By partnering with the right projects while keeping up the building of significant solutions, you are on the way to double your chances for success.

Today we are excited to announce our fresh new partnership with Ispolink!

Ispolink is a Metaverse-based cross-chain platform that connects crypto, NFT, and DeFi companies with seasoned Web3 talents. The platform offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution that empowers businesses with a full set of tools to navigate the entire selection process flawlessly and source talents in a blink of an eye. To make this possible, Ispolink combines the power of blockchain technology and AI algorithms to empower blockchain firms in seamlessly finding the right match for their teams.

The legacy hiring procedure is slow, outdated, and loses a ton of time and money that companies usually pay to third parties. Ispolink makes the entire course more streamlined by providing businesses with a full set of tools to easily and efficiently navigate the entire selection process. The whole operation is managed in the company’s dashboard panel, ensuring a smooth transition between each of the recruitment stages. Additionally, the project is connecting promising tech companies with an exceptional pool of professionals, from all around the globe.

“We have entered the age of blockchain and AI-augmented work and decision making. By integrating blockchain and AI, we strongly believe we will fix the misapplication and inefficiency that has plagued the HR industry for decades

Emanuil Pavlov, Ispolink CEO

Now let’s dive into more details about the Ispolink platform. Inspired to change the recruiting process for the better and reduce the possibilities of falsifying a resume, the team is working on blockchain technology that will be able to verify employment and education history. The idea is 

the educational institutions to confirm the issuance of degrees by putting them on the public blockchain ledger. This way the information will be decentralized and will serve as an ultimate proof of truth. 

The team is determined to connect employers with prospective employees without the help of middlemen. There is a great case for machine learning – by using a specific algorithm the platform could look at the required job demand of a given role and deliver a list of ranked matches. This way, companies could filter the search based on their demand and reach out to good candidates immediately.

At the present time, Ispolink’s main focus is the blockchain segment. The platform helps many crypto companies hire top talent for their fast-growing business. However, as the platform matures, the project’s main mission will be to expand to other industries. 

Partnership Announcement by Ispolink

Moreover, Ispolink helps companies get started functioning in the metaverse and hire the proper tech experts. To build impactful solutions you need to find the right person for your team and Ispolink is the go-to platform to navigate the whole talent selection process successfully. 

To fully utilize the potential of the blockchain, Ispolink created its token – $ISP. As a native token of the project, it is used as the medium of exchange between participants and brings tremendous utility to both companies and users. Businesses could use $ISP to purchase hiring packages at a discount while users could receive free $ISP tokens when they sign up and upload their CV. Additionally, $ISP is an ERC20 utility token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. With Ethereum 2.0 in front of us, we see a bright future for all $ISP holders.

Our team at Evedo believes there is great synergy between the two projects so naturally, we are thrilled to be partnering with them in helping bring the blockchain evolution to the next stage.

You can find Ispolink here: Website, Twitter, Discord, and LinkedIn.

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