Evedo is partnering up with Drooble

Drooble: The Social Network for Musicians!

We at Evedo are thrilled to announce our partnership, the start of a life-long friendship with Drooble — a company, in which we found shared core values. Not so long ago we, ourselves, took on a journey to pave a path for musicians and create a spin on the entertainment industry, making it one that can truly support the artists and keep them as the main reason to the question “Why”. We couldn’t be happier to have found a partner such as Drooble, knowing the fuel that drives them is the same as ours — a genuine love for music.

Drooble is a place where musicians thrive and grow by helping each other. It is absolutely free and is created in a way, where you can boost your own music while supporting others. You can make money by providing honest and helpful reviews. It is a place that provides artists with real opportunities to get their music heard and appreciated. The amount of engagement and appreciation artists receive for their songs could not be found anywhere else. We were especially pleased to understand that Drooble believes in the value of feedback. On Drooble there are thousands of devoted musicians from all over the world who will provide honest feedback for your song or question as soon as you post it. We all know how important this could be, how hard it is to get a review of your work and how helpful it is when moving forward. Drooble made it all possible. And to top it all off — they even have charts and radio. They really have it all — a social network for musicians nowhere else to be found.

We’ll give you a little teaser on what this partnership will look like. Knowing us and knowing Drooble, you see where this is going, don’t you? We’ll present every Drooble artist the opportunity to register on our b2b platform for free, giving them higher chances of being booked for gigs, connecting them with venues, promoters and event organizers. Drooble, on the other hand, will add extra value for their clients, positioning us as their official partner, giving them access to the wide variety of opportunities Evedo presents.

We can’t wait to give you more insights into this partnership and the work we’ll be doing with Drooble. Go check them in the meantime and stay tuned, these are just the first steps of a long journey we’ll take together. Let’s make this happen, let’s change the industry one step at a time!

Bon voyage!

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