Evedo partners with Kibernacia for the first crypto yacht party in Bulgaria

The so-called third “generation” of the internet appears to be closer than we can imagine and add some unforgettable crypto memories to your summer holiday could be more than fun! In May Kibernacia hosted one of the most impressive crypto events in Bulgaria and now they’ve decided to do it again but in a bigger and more exotic way – on a yacht!

The crypto world is growing exponentially with big brands and well-known investors stepping in faster than ever before. A myriad of early adopters who believe in the technology are now planting the seeds of a  future that will open the gates to new decentralized financial systems. 

Determined to spread the word for Web3 while having a good time and creating memorable moments we at Evedo are thrilled to be among the partners of Kibernacia v2 Yacht Club. The event will be in Sveti Vlas – one of the most visited beach resorts in Bulgaria – where tech and crypto people will gather together to exchange experience, and innovative ideas and meet vital contacts while enjoying the last summer days. 

The summit will take place on August 27th with topics covering the latest movements in Web3, NFT real-world application, the future of DeFi, smart contracts, crypto wallets, and the effect of AI on blockchain technology. 

Kibernacia: Kibernacia v2 Yacht Club

Among the top speakers are Marina Muchachakova (Vesta Consult), Veselin Georgiev (Binance), Ivan Draganov (founder of KiberHora), and more. Start-up companies will have the chance to share their stories and give practical advice on how to build a successful business. The agenda also includes a variety of activities such as offline networking, DJ and yacht party, livestream session, and an exclusive giveaway!

Kibernacia: First event

About the previous event

In May KiberHora held their first crypto event at EXE Club – Sofia. More than 300 people, 10 speakers, crypto investors, and influencers took part in the summit with our CEO, Stoyan Angelov, giving insights on how the Evedo ecosystem reorganize the event and entertainment industry. Our team was happy to support the KiberHora and we will make it happen again.  

Kibernacia: Speakers

We at Evedo are thrilled to join forces with Kibernacia and help in ushering this new generation of blockchain events! Whether you are coming to your first crypto event or to update your knowledge, you’ll be sure to enjoy the combination of valuable content and high-level networking & social entertainment.

Get your ticket on Plentix today & join this exciting, first-ever crypto yacht party!

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