B2C Marketplace UX/UI Update

New design | Desktop Version
The tickets app that you may have grown accustomed to is about to evolve once again.
New Design | Mobile view

Evedo OU Co-founder and CTO shared

When this application was first developed, it focused on delivering the MVP (1.0, Minimum Viable Product) features that allow us to create events with a variety of ticket categories, user account features including profiles, friends, messaging, and notifications, hosts/cohosts/promoters, and a large focus on location derived services allowing users to be able to find events hear them. The Beta (2.0) brought in the feed allowing users to create customized sections to track upcoming events by location or categories, but only had limited support for mobile. As well as some features that have proven invaluable to our customers like the analytics, embeddable buy button/form, discount codes, and fiat payments.

While that is all well and good, we are happy with how it has served us during our inception. We started to focus on cleaning up how the app is architected, looking at a more concise structure in the back end that brings in a tighter Action vs Controller which will dramatically reduce the number of ‘spaces’ we need to work with when adding new features. You might not notice it from the front end, but we definitely will notice it in the future as we bring in new features and integrations to the blockchain, control panel, and API internally and/or externally.

We have begun the third iteration of the platform that focuses on a more up to date look and feel in the UI/UX, starting with the event page. As you will notice, it is much friendlier to mobile and tablet users. You will see in the coming weeks more and more of that look and feel come across the rest of the application. We felt it was important to focus on the event page because most people coming to us will land there first.

Also coming down the pipeline is the launching of campaigns for boosting events, social integrations for authentication, sharing and growing the network, as well as buying tickets with popular cryptocurrencies ($BTC, $ETH, $LTC, etc) along with our own utility token, $EVED. This will be a key moment for us, as it has been our mission since day one to be able to utilize our token in this way, and deliver on our promise since day one. We look forward to seeing our tokenomics finally start-up and achieve this massive milestone in our roadmap for our customers.

We will continue to improve upon the architecture and efficiency of the application until we have put all the pieces into place making it great for you to use for your events and tickets buying/selling experiences, as well as the happiness of our developers.

CHECK OUT THE B2C Marketplace HERE: https://tickets.evedo.co/events/

If you want to become a part of the event change follow our community channels:

Website: www.evedo.co

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