Participate in Evedo’s Token Sale on P2PB2B — Ends on May 07 12:00(GMT+3)

Disclaimer: Before we proceed, we would like to emphasise that this is not investment advice. So if you read our Whitepaper, research the project and decide to purchase EVED Tokens based on your own professional judgement or after consulting with financial and/or legal professionals, here is how you can do it.

Yesterday we launched the second part of our Initial Exchange offering (IEO) or token sale on the P2PB2B exchange.


In this article we’ll show you how easy it is to participate in the Global EVED Token sale on P2PB2B. If you don’t know what EVED is here’s a quick summary:

EVED is the Utility token that’s going to be used in the EVEDO platform to exchange value between the different users and participants in that platform

In short evedo is a blockchain based platform, consisting of B2B & B2C Marketplaces. It unifies all businesses and participants involved in organizing events like: Event Organizers, Venue Owners, Entertainers & Performers,Rental & Equipment Companies, Sponsors and, of course, Attendees. This token will help tackle a lot of real problems that are being real issues in that $850+ Billion industry today.

Read more about that in the Whitepaper and also visit our website to get to know the project better.

More information on the token sale:

What do you need?

1.Register on P2PB2B!

Est. Time: 2 mins

You’ll need to have an account on the P2PB2B exchange. You sign up with only your email address and a password. And you will need to make a quick verification, proving that you are not a robot.

Don’t have an account yet? Sign up here

2. Deposit ETH, BTC or USD: Either from external wallet or exchange.

Keep in mind, our token sale on the P2PB2B exchange is conducted in ETH, BTC and USD.

You can see the button on the top right of your page.

3. Exchange ETH to EVED: Once you have the ETH, BTC you can simply exchange part/all of it to EVED

Is KYC needed? P2PB2B does not require for you to pass a KYC process to participate in the token sale.

It’s as simple as that. Now you’re holding EVED Tokens. We strongly advise you to store them in an external ERC-20 Compliant wallet such as MyEtherWallet or MetaMask.

What do you need to know about Evedo’s IEO on P2PB2b2?

— There is a total supply of 160 000 000 EVED tokens.

— 2 200 000 EVED tokens will be offered in the IEO on P2PB2B. This is 1.375% of our total token supply.

— The price at the event: 2000 EVED = 1 ETH at 0.0005 (0.000015BTC) each through the P2PB2B platform. Users will buy directly from P2PB2B launchpad in this case.

— This comes to approximately 185K USD sold.

— The sale will be conducted in ETH, BTC and USDT.

— The token will be published for trading in the P2PB2B exchange on the 7th of May.

Check more details here:

Have Questions?

If you have any questions or you’d like to stay up to date with our ongoing IEO and product development, don’t hesitate to join & post in our Telegram community.

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