It is time to sell your tickets on Evedo!

Evedo is a true marketplace and a tool for ticket sales, introducing a new sales channel for the event organisers.

Today is one of those epic days in our development journey when we mark a new eventful beginning. It took us a huge chunk of time, dedicated to development and further tests but today it is officially here!

Let us introduce you our first entirely working version on our B2C side of Evedo — you can now sell tickets through the platform.

We received so many questions and enquires for the ticketing. From the very beginning we have strongly believed that our platform can be one stable, additional sales channel for every event organiser. It seems that the industry’s respond also proves that the events companies truly need more innovative ways to sell tickets, so they can reach broader audience.

We are also happy to announce that Honk Kong Blockchain Week will be one of the first international events that will sell tickets on our platform. We are proud that such a reputable conference will endorse and recognise our product. Thank you for the support.

More about our partnership soon!

So, what is the commission?

The current commission on ticket sales entirely depends on the price of the ticket for the event. It will be different if the price is $10 and $100.

Evedo will ultimately function as a marketplace for ticket sales and we will take a commission that also is flexible.

Why choose the Evedo ticketing?

We have written down some crucial bullet points on why Evedo makes sense, as a ticketing selling tool for the event organising industry (even though the competition is vast).

Evedo offers an additional ticket sales channel for those companies which are accustomed to use certain ticketing platforms. This will spice up their sales and will give them an access to broader audience.

Evedo allows a ticket management system lifetime traction. Which means that every event organiser will be able to see a detailed report on his clients, tickets sold, attendees etc.

Our ticketing also introduces a B2B panel for check in control. Which means that you will be in full control and knowing who has come to your event and who hasn’t.

One of the crucial value propositions of our platform is the cryptocurrency payment option. We believe that the option to buy tickets with the major cryptocurrencies is quite valuable and one of the key benefits that every event organiser will experience with Evedo. The crypto payments will be integrated in the nearest future, as we plan to integrate btc/bitcoin cash and ETH payments.

Last but not the least — when the crypto payments are implemented, Evedo will introduce 0% commission on the transactions done through our ticketing platform. We will share with you more about it in the future.

But how about FREE events?

We want to inform you that our system for ticketing will work entirely for free (pro-bono) for those event organisers and companies that are setting up FREE events. They will easily be able to generate their FREE tickets also on our marketplace.

If you have any questions regarding our ticketing, feel free to raise them on our Official Telegram Channel. Or send them over to!

Thank you for being part of our journey towards better events and event organizing.

You can check our ticketing platform here:

Happy Ticket Sales!

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