Evedo & UBUNɅTION: A Collective Journey Towards Empowering Social Good

We at Evedo are thrilled to announce a monumental partnership with UBUNɅTION, a pioneering company in the WEB3 space, dedicated to mobilizing a new generation of We at Evedo are thrilled to announce a monumental partnership with UBUNɅTION, a pioneering company in the WEB3 space, dedicated to mobilizing a new generation of humanitarians and activists. This collaboration is a fusion of our shared vision, where we harness the power of blockchain technology for positive global impact.

Embracing UBUNɅTION’s Vision of Kindness and Compassion

Our admiration for UBUNɅTION‘s commitment to fostering acts of kindness and charity aligns perfectly with our core values. They are leaders in rewarding individuals with unique digital collectibles, symbolizing their dedication to meaningful causes. Their aspiration to build the world’s most extensive platform for social good resonates with our mission at Evedo.

Ubunation’s core values are clear and resonating.
Evedo’s Contribution to This Visionary Collaboration

At Evedo, we’re bringing our innovative WEB3 products to this partnership. Our Plentix platform is a cutting-edge ticketing solution that integrates NFTs with AI, ensuring secure, personalized event experiences. GIGIX, our AI-driven navigator, provides tailored insights for event organizers, while Fragmint offers a secure space for creators to tokenize digital content.

Synergy for Social Impact and Entertainment

This collaboration unites our strengths with UBUNɅTION to usher in a new era of social impact in the entertainment sector. We’re particularly excited about incorporating our Plentix ticketing solution into UBUNɅTION’s upcoming events, transforming participant experiences. Moreover, our joint initiatives with Fragmint Creators in launching Charity Campaigns will foster support for important causes.

Leadership United in Enthusiasm

As a team, we’re inspired by the words of our CEO & Founder, Stoyan Angelov, who has expressed his excitement about partnering with UBUNɅTION and his friend Heissam Hartmann. He believes that this partnership is a step towards bringing our communities together and showcasing the positive impact of WEB3 technology.

Heissam Hartmann, CEO & Founder of UBUNɅTION, echoes this sentiment:  “I am thrilled to partner with my friend Stoyan Angelov and his company, evedo.co. Through the Evedo Ecosystem products, UBUNɅTION can further its vision of building the largest platform for good, uniting a global community that strives for positive change.”

Building a Brighter Future, Together

Our partnership with UBUNɅTION is more than a business alliance; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration. At Evedo, we believe in the transformative power of joining forces. Together with UBUNɅTION, we are set to redefine the role of technology in supporting social causes and revolutionizing entertainment, demonstrating the vast potential of collective empowerment.

Imagining a brighter future for the youth of Cape Town. 

We Cordially Invite You to Join Our Cause!

In the spirit of this inspiring collaboration, Evedo is proud to support UBUNɅTION in an amazing campaign called  “We Love Football Academy (WLFA) Springbok Collection” to support youth in Cape Town, South Africa. Intending to raise $60,000 for WLFA’s expansion, this initiative provides donors with unique Springbok digital collectibles for a $6 contribution, aiding in offering more children access to food, education, and play. Leveraging Polygon blockchain technology, the campaign offers 10,000 distinct collectibles, symbolizing steps towards a hopeful future, along with exciting rewards like VIP tickets and personalized memorabilia for contributors. Learn more and join this mission of change at www.ubunation.com/wlfa, helping to empower the youth and shape a brighter future. 🦌 🤝 #WLFACharityCollection

Follow us as we embark on this journey, shaping a future where technology and compassion work hand in hand for the greater good!

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