Marco Calicchia: Evedo will be a must join platform for every event organiser!

Marco was directly involved in helping more than 30 blockchain startups secure close to $500M in investment capital.

Understanding the value of communities is essential. Sometimes even more essential than anything else when building a product and a successful business. No wonder why we trusted Marco Calicchia, to be one of our advisers and close partners.

In fact, Marco is one of the first people that recognised evedo and trusted the general concept and idea behind the platform since the very beginning!

Marco is the Founder and CEO of MaZee, recently listed as one of the Top 15 Marketing Agencies for STOs. They were directly involved with managing more than 30 ICOs that secured close to $500M in investment.

Marco is a prominent figure in the blockchain space — a recognised leader and panel speaker at major blockchain conferences. Prior to joining blockchain, he held Business Development roles at EventBrite and Cvent, two leading companies in the events industry (LinkedIn Profile)

In our interview with Marco, we discuss the future of events, blockchain’s adoption and his view on evedo’s future.

The interview is part of our “Meet the Advisors” series, with the aim to give more insight on evedo’s community, values and goals

Why did you agree to be an advisor at evedo?

I love the project! In my opinion evedo will shape the future of the events industry; with the help of smart contracts, every commitment is transparent, communities will verify the progress of projects.

Evedo will make sure that organizers will pay out upon delivery of services fairly, and this for me is essential. Avoiding for example, FYRE festival’s situation (check our article on the topic here).

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Charismatic, Entrepreneur, Innovator!

What is your expertise in the Blockchain field?

In the past two and a half years I have been involved with consulting on go-to-market strategies for 30+ projects. This normally involves building partnerships with events and clients, traveling to network with Influencers and speak at events. So far I’ve reviewed more than 100 whitepapers. Invested in Ethereum at $5!

I have been helping also the new comers in the field and in the blockchain space with accounts setup etc.

What do you think is the future of blockchain?

I vision blockchain being a VERY valuable component in the decentralised and sharing economy we are heading towards. Where we will have the ability to take decisions to invest in a project based on available information, and receive the reward we visioned. When I was first introduced to Blockchain, i was told that the Ethereum Network will pave way to a self sustainable economy.

However, we are still far away from a structured conclusion, “it’s the early days of the internet.”

Where do you see the value of Blockchain?

Except of giving people the ability to profit on startups, something they value?

It will bring people closer, it’s the digital economy. It’s controversial. Just like Fortnite has taken people by storm, so has crypto.

The earliest adopters of Blockchain were online Poker Players. This should tell you something about the community. Taking risks, based on research.

I am really excited to see how evedo will start bringing more value to the events industry, for organisers and their investors/contributors. For example, being able to buy a share of an event.

What is the key problem that evedo as a platform solves in your opinion?

Paying out the contributors and investors of the events. For instance, we can think of what happened with the FYRE festival. No more lies or false hopes.

Where do you see evedo as a project in the next 3 years?

The go to platform for event organizers. I see evedo creating a stable community of users and supporters, leading artists, organisers and all the participants that might fit in.

What is the future of events? Would they be more on Blockchain?

The future of events is definitely on blockchain and will become even more and more digital and online. It is already happening with projects like Fortnite, where they hosted an in-game concert which brought 3 Million viewers.

As we move more towards VR and Digital, where you can experience an event from your couches, fast online transaction will be mandatory. We cannot rely on current payment gateways, and contracts to process micro transactions, to thousands of users, without there being a downtime.

Blockchain will be the infrastructure that will convert communities into a success, in a matter of seconds.

What is the last interesting event you attended?

The European Blockchain Investment Congress in Austria, it was great to meet old faces such as Tone Vays and new people entering the Blockchain, such as the Habsburg Royal Family. This industry is shaping towards something big.

Can you imagine it being organised on Blockchain ?


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