From castle to cathedral : 5 unexpected places to host/attend an event

“How cool would be to see an electronic music party here”. This was just one of my thoughts the last time I was strolling around the golden engraved corridors of The Palace at Versailles. It wasn’t very long time ago when I discovered that this June, there was an actual party hosted in the famous, iconic location (which housed french kings and queens until the French Revolution).

Recently our Evedo team thought about a team building summer, where we explore interesting festivals and unconventional parties and locations.

It feels like every festival that sprang up after Coachella in the 2000s sought to somehow imitate it with the result that the most popular music festivals have ended up lavishly, and laughably, homogenous.

Are there other cool events held at unconventional locations? The answer, after some further research is “Yes. There are. It’s just a matter of finding them”. We rounded up some of the most fascinating examples across the globe, none of which are driven by pop charts, style trends, or luxe amenities.

Check those and let us know, what was the latest coolest event location you went to?

Château de Versailles


For the very first time, this 8th of June, Château de Versailles was a setting of a performance by a legendary line-up of French electro musicians: Breakbot x Irfane, Busy P, Myd, So Me.

The four DJs of the Ed Banger Records label, a major figure of French Touch for more than 15 years had everybody dancing all evening to a memorable set, at the foot of the Hall of Mirrors.

Check more here.

The events and music platform called CERCLE is organising parties in and in front some real good locations. So if you think about going to a gig in front of a cathedral (or inside a small church) these guys are changing the game. You can check them here:

2. Cathédrale de Chartres for Cercle.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres

Henrik Schwarz playing an exclusive live set at Cathédrale de Chartres for Cercle.

3. Peleș Castle

Peleș Castle

Oxia played an exclusive DJ set at Castelul Peleş in Romania for Cercle in April this year. Peleș Castle is a Neo-Renaissance castle in the Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania, on an existing medieval route linking Transylvania and Wallachia, built between 1873 and 1914.

4. Théâtre Antique d’Orange for Cercle.

Théâtre Antique d’Orange,

Solomun played at the Théâtre Antique d’Orange for Cercle. More info about the location: The Roman Theatre of Orange is a Roman theatre in Orange, Vaucluse, France. It was built early in the 1st century AD. The structure is owned by the municipality of Orange and is the home of the summer opera festival, the Chorégies d’Orange.

5. Bran Castle (commonly known outside Romania as Dracula’s Castle)

Bran Castle, situated near Bran and in the immediate vicinity of Brașov, is a national monument and landmark in Romania. It’s a huge attraction to all vampire stories lovers!

This weekend the castle will be a venue for one of the biggest blockchain parties of the year! The event is part of Romania Blockchain Summit!

Our team will be there for the conference, as our project was among those selected to pitch and present in front of the investors during the conference.

Check more about the conference here:

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