Elon Musk is hosting Burning Man and it’s even better than you can imagine

Today we are feeling privileged to share some pretty exciting news about Elon Musk, and what he and his team have been quietly working on for the past few months.

Today we are feeling privileged to share some pretty exciting news about Elon Musk, and what he and his team have been quietly working on for the past few months.

World’s richest person, infamous space fanatic, Silicon Valley visionary, father of six boys, and boyfriend to musician Grimes, here’s what his latest project is about!

Elon will be hosting the 2025 edition of Burning Man from August 30 to September 6.

Yes, everybody, you heard that right! There will be Black Rock City once again, but not in the Nevada desert. The extravagant gathering, which has become something way bigger and bolder than your typical annual music festival, is going to take place on the “Red Planet”.

Burning Man 2017 / photo by Scott London — scottlondon.com

The average distance between Earth and Mars is 140 million miles or 225 million km. How are all burners (which in 2019 was a population of 78,850) going to get there, one might ask… Easy!

The charming CEO of Tesla has promised to single-handedly take all attendees from Earth using the latest SpaceX technology. Seems like we might be enjoying a sweet ride in the face of Starship — a 394 ft tall launch vehicle that is designed to enter Mars’ atmosphere at a speed of 7.5 kilometers per second.

The festival ticket will include the roundtrip spaceflight and, according to unofficial information, ticket prices will be starting from $90,000.

Given that some Burning Man goers have reportedly paid $25,000 per person for a membership at certain camps during the festival, it seems like this price is really not that far-fetched. The amount apparently included personal Segways and fresh sushi that was flown on a daily basis which sounds nice but also kind of unnecessary for the occasion, if you ask us.

As a regular himself, Musk has previously stated that Burning Man is a lot like Silicon Valley. It’s a space where art and technology collide, where the makers of tomorrow get together and are driven by the same values of co-creation, experimentation, innovation, and more.

This is why the South African-born entrepreneur is taking things to the next level and will be hosting the iconic Burning Man in 4 years! Elon shares he is dedicated to giving all burners a truly life-changing experience, especially after the 2020 edition of the festival had to get canceled because of the ongoing pandemic.

Not only is Mr. Musk excited to co-organize the event and bring together its entire community, but the endeavor is also an important part of his bigger “Mars & Beyond” project. “Mars & Beyond’’ is SpaceX’s mission to make humans a multiplanetary species.

Photo by Bill Jelen on Unsplash

It’s very inspiring to observe the way art, technology, and business are merging in unique and unexpected ways that continue to challenge the status quo while building the future of mankind. We honestly can’t wait for this. See you on Mars!

…Happy April Fools from everybody at Evedo!

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