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We are aware that the B2B industry is an Eldorado for opportunities. It is flourishing and there is a place for all of us. The blockchain gives us a chance to disrupt industry by allowing developers to create token-bases B2B marketplaces online. We at evedo is stepping forward to do so for the events industry.

Based on the official reports the world’s event management business (ticketing + software) equals more than 820 BIL +. We are sure that we can take over, , but still there are problems to be solved, and opportunity for businesses to be operate more effectively.

We are currently building an amazing, innovative platform where everyone of the participants win. is the first decentralized marketplace and a global community where dj’s, artists, dancers and any kind of performers with night clubs, event organizers, event infrastructure companies, sponsors and attendees come together all under one roof in a trustless platform that treats them right.

Our product team is backed by decades of expertise in event organization, event logistics, event and venue management. As well as experience in blockchain platforms and tech startups, which naturally lead to marrying the two.

Our main goal is to provide a steady ecosystem where the most important members in the industry will be able to connect, share business, buy, sell, rent, re-rent, accommodate, affiliate, book tickets and obtain feedback.

We are working on developing a B2B marketplace as well as a B2C tickets platform that services both sides of the industry.

What do we mean by B2B and B2C?

What does B2B stands for?

As you can imagine, this phrase means business-to-business abbreviated, a model that focuses on selling products and services to other companies/businesses. Look at it as an SaaS platform for event organizers and space owners that offers what other businesses need in order to be successful or to beat the competition. In opposition to the B2C, B2B offers the basic materials and services that companies need to boost their profits.

B2C on the other hand, stands for business-to-consumers. Customers select products based by price, brand popularity, celebrity status etc. While in the B2B marketplaces customers have completely distinctive goal — they make decisions on price and profit potential and as per their business requirement in order to make profit.

What industry problems are we solving and how? is a platform dedicated to all artists, event organizers and companies in the field, night clubs, party and exhibition venues, global sponsors, attendees and event software providers. We create the missing link between them, allowing them to work on a bigger scale together. We have designed it to replace the traditional business models in the industry by providing an easier, more sufficient, quick and organized solution to everyday issues and cases. Especially when it comes to event organizing, planning, software usage, booking performers, venues, legalizing sponsorships, buying tickets etc.

The very fact that we gather everyone in one place is an innovation that has not been done so far. Our unique token helps by providing the environment in which the most secure transactions take place, saving time. When we connect businesses directly (B2B), we jump over the unnecessary middlemen (those people who love do nothing at all but usually take 10–30% of the profit).

We are building out platform in a way to consolidate the agreements and understandings between everyone under a single smart contract that defines an event.

All partners have a profile describing their rates for their services. The event organizers use the crowdfunding features of smart contracts to lock in the partners rates to the agreement, to set a price for the tickets, to set a minimum number of tickets sold, and to distribute the funds of the event to the individuals in the contract.

Here we will explain how the token works for everyone in the ecosystem:

  • Artists — Here we include dj’s, singers, dancers and any kind of performers that are usually hired for events, no matter the size and the kind of the event. We are going to help the artists to find more gigs through our marketplace.
  • Event organizers — Our unique marketplace will give the opportunity to the event organizers align their communications and agreements with venues, entertainers, staff and equipment providers. They can hold their initial investment in escrow on the blockchain or start crowdfunding the event organizers to test and validate their ideas. For example if want to organize a major event including a worldwide superstar but you are not sure if there will enough hype you could start selling tickets via our marketplace safely and securely. Using our platform you could reach the artist management and set a date for the event. If your goal is to sell 500 tickets for a time set by you and you only but you have managed to sell only 300 the crowdfunding will be unsuccessful. All the tickets sold will be return to their initial buyers via tokens in their wallets. Nice and easy!
  • Service Providers — in this category we include event infrastructure companies that provide rentals of any kind (equipment for organizing events, staging, sound systems etc.).
  • Sponsors — every big and small brand is a potential holder of our token because they could sponsor and position themselves on relevant events. By last year’s research 75 % of global brands are always looking for innovative channels to a positioning of their brands.
  • Venues — Every single place is interested to bring more people on the events they are organizing as well as it is interested to connect with party organizers and sponsors. Our Marketplace gives every side of the process easy access to each other.
  • Party People (Event goers) — We present a ticketing option to buy tickets for any kind of events that are built through our marketplace. Also, there will be a crowdfunding option for party people to fund their tickets for the events that they are dreaming about. For example you want to invite Britney Spears but you are not a professional event manager, using our platform you could start a crowdfunding and to set goals, time and date. If you are successful we are going to help you organize the event. If you are not, everyone will receive back their tokens in their wallets!

The main goal

The platform disrupts the existing events landscape and address the significant problems it currently faces such as: time consumption, poor planning and sale distribution, consumer confusion and dissatisfaction. We believe we can empower artists as well as their managers and all the figures mentioned above, with a platform that is secure, transparent and beneficial for all parties involved in the business process.

We are cutting the middlemen

Thanks to the Blockchain technology we could cut the middleman and to secure the process between parties that organize or take part in events. The entire action instantly has become transparent, decentralized and secure. Say no more to the ticketing fraud by companies that are selling tickets or by the so-called resellers (the middlemen)!

Recently, it was reported that: “Ticketmaster Just Got Exposed For Using Secret Tactics To Trick Canadians Into Overpaying For Concert Tickets. A CBC News and Toronto Star investigation has revealed something a lot of us have already suspected — Ticketmaster is ripping customers off huge.

The two news outlets did some digging into ticket sales for Bruno Mars shows in Toronto over the last seven months and uncovered the shocking ways that the company has been boosting their profits. The first tactic the site uses to hike up ticket prices is changing seat prices at any given time. Data journalists who were keeping an eye on prices during the course of sales noticed that within five minutes of being on available, most seats in the arena appeared to be sold out, giving the illusion of high demand.

This is impossible using our platform exactly because of the Blockchain, our smart contracts and the public ledger itself.

Now we are building go-to-market strategy that will enable every part of the event process to reach their customers as effectively as possible and help them achieve profitable growth.

So, prepare and be ready to see everywhere around you, because our advisors will open the doors of event industry in USA, Canada, South Korea, UK and Europe. Your country also.

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